A downloadable game for Android

Anzu is a game for tablet developped by a team of 6 students known as Pluplume for the Hits Playtime Contest.

Embody Anzu, the bird guardian of a forgotten island. Awakened by an evil magic corrupting the island, Anzu will have to use its power to heal the corrupted fruits and bring peace back on the island.

Use the tablet to move around and the slider on the right to adjust your speed.

According to your Android device API level, please, choose the Lollipop (5.0 and above) or the KitKat (4.4) version.

If you want to know more about Anzu, please find the beautiful soundtrack created by Sir Kovitch at https://sirkovitch.bandcamp.com/album/anzu-ost

Install instructions

As the game is pretty demanding, please, install the APK on a correct device. The game is fluid on the Google Nexus 9 tablet.


ANZU_Lollipop.apk 60 MB
ANZU_KitKat.apk 60 MB